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Life Chain Video! 30,000 protest abortion in Los Angeles!

Tim Tebow must see video!  
Heisman trophy winner and NFL star Tim Tebow…
ESPN’s powerful video explains why Tim Tebow’s mom
said “NO” when a doctor advised her to abort Tim.

Justin Bieber’s Mom on TV…
about pressures she had to abort Justin.

Andrea Bocelli almost aborted?
Bocelli tells short story on this amazing video! 
Take Action! Help End Abortion…
Outlaw Abortions today in USA via:   PersonhoodUSA.comBan Abortions in Your State via:  Americans United for LifeStudents for Life! Join local groups at:  StudentsforLife.orgHuge PP abortion biz busted secret cameras: LiveAction.org

Global baby-savers – Human Life International via: HLI.org

Top pro-life leader, Fr. Frank Pavone and PriestsforLife.org

Operation Rescue fights abortion, see  OperationRescue.org

Great pro-life info… tools and resources via:   LifeIssues.org

American Life League’s excellent pro-life resources at: All.org

Hitler’s Holocaust!  Not again! See: “180” video HERE now!

God gives LIFE…  Scientific proofs at: MagisReasonFaith.org

Plan B = “contraceptive” abortions, see MorningAfterPill.org

Prenatal Tests? Eugenics-Amnio-Down syndrome Must See

TED Talks “Conception to Birth” Alexander Tsarias Video

Spanish Pro-life resources and videos via VidaHumana.org
Photos and Videos…
See Beautiful Babies in the Womb

Hope and Healing
AFTER Abortion

Three great groups to help you…
Rachel’s Vineyard – Retreats and Resources
Project Rachel – Workshops and Resources
Silent No More – New Video!

*** Cardinal Raymond Burke VIDEO #1: Voter Responsibility and Abortion
***  Cardinal Raymond Burke VIDEO #2:  Sanctity of Marriage